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How do you train a husky to pee and poop

How do you train a husky to pee and poop? First of all, it is necessary to determine a urination and defecation place for the husky, so that it can get used to it, and then it will urinate and defecate within 30 minutes after eating or waking up. If a husky defecates in a designated place, reward it with a snack, and if it doesn't do well, don't beat it at will.

First, determine a place for the husky to relieve himself:

Before bringing the husky puppies home, we need to find a place in advance, and the future training husky puppies will relieve themselves in this place you specify. Certainly at the beginning of the Husky puppy is not adapted to, perhaps also temper, but it doesn't matter, must adhere to this location, it is best to be far away from the dog to eat or nest, a long time, husky puppies will slowly get used to it.

Second, induce the husky to learn to designate the point of urination.

The general rule of Husky puppies is that they usually relieve themselves within 30 minutes after eating or waking up. Using this feature, we can observe the performance of the husky puppy and then lure the puppy.

For example, we keep an eye on the dog after a meal or after waking up, and once we find that the dog wants to urinate, such as turning in circles or sniffing around. As soon as you observe this movement, guide the husky to the correct spot by pushing, pulling, or coaxing the puppy.

At the same time, once the husky defecates in the designated place, be sure to remember to encourage the dog, such as a favorite snack or a beef grain, etc., to encourage. Slowly, the husky will know that the size is right here, and the good habit of defecating at a fixed point will be formed.

Third, don't beat the husky dog

Do not easily beat and scold the little husky because of urination and defecation, otherwise the dog will think that the size is a "wrong", and only dare to secretly urinate and defecate when the master does not pay attention, which will be troublesome to train in the future.

So when little Hala is to the place, the master will give great encouragement! If you pull it in the wrong place, just tell the dog, "No!" in a slightly more serious (louder) tone. Then immediately carry the dog to the correct place to relieve himself. At the same time, the excrement in the wrong place should be cleaned immediately, and the spot should be thoroughly deodorized (bleach + deodorant spray). So that the next time the husky puppy smells the previous taste and pulls in the same place, it will not be easy to correct later.

Generally speaking, after practicing with a Husky puppy for a few days, the husky puppy should be able to relieve himself on a regular basis.