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What does a Teddy think about purity

What do Teddy dogs think of purity? The personality of the purebred teddy dog is generally mild and intelligent, and the instructions taught by the master can be learned in a very short time. The shoulder height of the male and female are 24-28 cm, and the head is prominent, straight and proportional to the body. The eyes have an eager expression and are positioned horizontally at the end, slightly tilted.

Step 1: Personality

Teddy dogs are gentle and intelligent. The mind is very clear, and the instructions taught by the master can be learned in a short time, and the dog is very loyal to people. Usually its activity is also small, at home their own activities can be. Teddy dogs are a highly intelligent breed of dog. As long as the trainer carefully trains during the training process, the teddy dog will master in a very short time

Step 2: Height

Male toy teddy dogs stand 9.5-11.0 inches (24.0-28.0 cm) at the shoulder, and female toy teddy dogs stand 9.5-11.0 inches (24.0-28.0 cm) at the shoulder.

3. Coat

A teddy dog's coat is slender, shiny and curly, but that's not the only good thing about their coat. The coat of a teddy dog is like wool and contains 80% secondary wool ---- which means that the coat of an adult teddy dog is still like that of a puppy and gets thicker and thicker. However, there is a small problem: the teddy dog needs to be trimmed regularly.

4. Coat color: The color of toy teddy dogs (teddy dogs) is very changeable, there are white, gray, ole coffee, apricot, black, etc., in different positions of the body will also have a change in depth, such as the ear hair will be darker, the color in the chest is lighter, in the United States there are many breeders will use different colors of teddy dogs to breed different colors of flower teddy dogs. Among them, the most expensive is the gray teddy dog, and the color teddy dog is now more and more expensive, which is the result of the influence of market supply and demand. The lowest prices are for black and white teddy dogs.

Step 5: Head

The head is prominent, rectilinear and proportional to the body. The length must be slightly more than 2/5 shoulder height. Not too heavy or too big, but not too detailed. It needs to be sharp under the skin. The skull is clearly shaped. Viewed from above, the entire skull is elliptical in length, with a slightly raised outline. The vertical axis diverges slightly.

Step 6: Eyes

Arching above; Moderately pronounced, covered with long hairs.

7. Nose

Obvious and well developed, occipital bone perpendicular; Nostrils flared. The nose color of black, white, and gray teddy dogs is black; The nose of a brown teddy dog is brown; The nose color of the apricot teddy dog is brown throughout the dark brown range, may also be black, no optimal color, are acceptable, but avoid possible fading.

8. Eyes

With an eager expression, it is located in a horizontal position at the end, slightly tilted. The outline of the eyelid is almond-shaped; Black, white and grey teddy dogs and apricot teddy dogs have black or dark brown eyes; Brown teddies may be dark amber.

9. Ears

They are very long, drooping along the sides of the cheeks, on an extension line that passes from the top of the nose below the outer corner of the eye, flat, and wider at the back of the ears, rounded tips, covered with long curly hairs. The ears of a teddy dog that do not reach the corners of the mouth are not considered "excellent".

10. Tail

It is quite high at waist level. Cut off 1/3 of the way from the body, or half the natural length of the tail in the case of a curly teddy. But a long, upraised tail is not dishonorable. Corduroy teddy dogs can retain the entire length of the tail. The tail is tilted upward during movement.