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Xiamen Xnva Technology Co.,Ltd was established in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, specializing in providing ODM/OEM service in technical research, product development and marketing in the fields of consumer electronics, Internet of Things (IOT), intelligence and Non intelligent pet products.

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People are replacing children with pets. Why are pets so popular

Compared with Europe and the US, the Chinese market is still far from mature. According to Guosheng Securities research report, in 2021, the US pet market reached 123.6 billion US dollars, ranking first in the world with a 40.2% share, and far ahead of other countries. Although the growth rate of the Chinese market is much higher than that of mature markets represented by the United States from the compound growth rate, the absolute size of the pet market is still far lower than that of the United States.In the field of pet food, which has the highest market segment, under the new marketing model such as e-commerce promotion and network red belt goods, young people no longer only understand international brands, and some small domestic brands also have opportunities. Lin Degui said that at present, there are many brands of various pet food, but after a stage of noise, how far can go depends on the core competitiveness of pet nutrition research and development and quality of products.In the field of pet economy, the phenomenon of OEM is widespread. As the "processing workshop" of international brands, OEM enterprises do not master product research and development design and sales channels, and their profit margins are low. For example, the recently listed cat climbing rack, pet litter mat manufacturer Tianyuan Pets, its main revenue from overseas customers OEM production, customers in the Americas, Europe, Australia and Japan and other countries large chain. The main pet leash Yuanfei pet was listed on August 18 this year, and its overseas sales revenue accounted for more than 95%. China Pet, one of the leading domestic pet snacks enterprises, accounted for 75.88% of the export revenue in the first half of 2022, with sales mainly coming from branded products and smaller sales of independent brands.Guosheng Securities pointed out in an industry report released on November 9 this year that the penetration rate of pet raising families in China is currently expected to be no more than 20%, and there is still broad room for improvement compared with mature markets. On the other hand, the competitive pattern of China's pet industry is relatively dispersed, overseas giants have the first-mover advantage, domestic brands have developed rapidly in recent years, and important market segments such as food and animal protection have risen, and the future domestic alternative space is broad.

11 2023-09
How to identify a golden retriever

How to identify a golden retriever? A good golden retriever has smooth back lines, strong limbs, generous walking posture and powerful stepping; The Golden retriever has a double-layer coat with a soft, warm undercoat and a slightly stiffer, flexible outer coat. The golden retriever's eyes should be bright and lively, moderate in size, and almond-shaped; Golden retriever ears naturally droop, close to the cheek, not too long.1. Overall posture. A good golden retriever has smooth back lines, strong limbs, generous walking posture and powerful stepping. When trotting, the posture is coordinated, the limbs do not turn inside or outside, and the feet do not interfere with each other. When running fast, the speed is up to standard, the movement is flexible, the stretch is comfortable, and the muscle and bone coordination is natural and smooth. Occasionally jump, with good balance, agile body movements are preferred.2. Coat. The color of the golden retriever is diverse, and the more common ones on the market now are golden, light yellow, white, black and so on. The Golden retriever has a double coat with a soft, warm undercoat and a slightly stiffer, elastic, waterproof outer coat with a distinctive shine that shines in the sun. It has a slightly longer, rich feathered coat on the back of the thighs and under the tail. It is best to have a clean, smooth, unknotted coat.3. Eyes. The golden retriever's eyes should be bright and lively, moderate in size, and almond-shaped. The pupils are mostly dark brown, with the whites of the eyes leaking out. A friendly expression and a quick eye. Clean around the eyes, if there are tears or sticky discharge indicates that the dog is not in good health, may be sick.4. Nose tip. A healthy golden retriever's nose is moist, black, and free of cracks and secretions.5. Ears. Good golden retriever ears naturally drooping, close to the cheek, should not be too long.6. The tail. The Golden retriever has a high tail root position, naturally fluffy tail hair, and the tail is naturally drooped between the two strands when standing calmly, which is different from the upturn of Asian dogs such as pastoral dogs and Japanese Akita dogs.

11 2023-09
What does a Teddy think about purity

What do Teddy dogs think of purity? The personality of the purebred teddy dog is generally mild and intelligent, and the instructions taught by the master can be learned in a very short time. The shoulder height of the male and female are 24-28 cm, and the head is prominent, straight and proportional to the body. The eyes have an eager expression and are positioned horizontally at the end, slightly tilted.Step 1: PersonalityTeddy dogs are gentle and intelligent. The mind is very clear, and the instructions taught by the master can be learned in a short time, and the dog is very loyal to people. Usually its activity is also small, at home their own activities can be. Teddy dogs are a highly intelligent breed of dog. As long as the trainer carefully trains during the training process, the teddy dog will master in a very short timeStep 2: HeightMale toy teddy dogs stand 9.5-11.0 inches (24.0-28.0 cm) at the shoulder, and female toy teddy dogs stand 9.5-11.0 inches (24.0-28.0 cm) at the shoulder.3. CoatA teddy dog's coat is slender, shiny and curly, but that's not the only good thing about their coat. The coat of a teddy dog is like wool and contains 80% secondary wool ---- which means that the coat of an adult teddy dog is still like that of a puppy and gets thicker and thicker. However, there is a small problem: the teddy dog needs to be trimmed regularly.4. Coat color: The color of toy teddy dogs (teddy dogs) is very changeable, there are white, gray, ole coffee, apricot, black, etc., in different positions of the body will also have a change in depth, such as the ear hair will be darker, the color in the chest is lighter, in the United States there are many breeders will use different colors of teddy dogs to breed different colors of flower teddy dogs. Among them, the most expensive is the gray teddy dog, and the color teddy dog is now more and more expensive, which is the result of the influence of market supply and demand. The lowest prices are for black and white teddy dogs.Step 5: HeadThe head is prominent, rectilinear and proportional to the body. The length must be slightly more than 2/5 shoulder height. Not too heavy or too big, but not too detailed. It needs to be sharp under the skin. The skull is clearly shaped. Viewed from above, the entire skull is elliptical in length, with a slightly raised outline. The vertical axis diverges slightly.Step 6: EyesArching above; Moderately pronounced, covered with long hairs.7. NoseObvious and well developed, occipital bone perpendicular; Nostrils flared. The nose color of black, white, and gray teddy dogs is black; The nose of a brown teddy dog is brown; The nose color of the apricot teddy dog is brown throughout the dark brown range, may also be black, no optimal color, are acceptable, but avoid possible fading.8. EyesWith an eager expression, it is located in a horizontal position at the end, slightly tilted. The outline of the eyelid is almond-shaped; Black, white and grey teddy dogs and apricot teddy dogs have black or dark brown eyes; Brown teddies may be dark amber.9. EarsThey are very long, drooping along the sides of the cheeks, on an extension line that passes from the top of the nose below the outer corner of the eye, flat, and wider at the back of the ears, rounded tips, covered with long curly hairs. The ears of a teddy dog that do not reach the corners of the mouth are not considered "excellent".10. TailIt is quite high at waist level. Cut off 1/3 of the way from the body, or half the natural length of the tail in the case of a curly teddy. But a long, upraised tail is not dishonorable. Corduroy teddy dogs can retain the entire length of the tail. The tail is tilted upward during movement.

11 2023-09
What do you mean, a two-blood husky

What do you mean, a two-blood husky? A two-blood husky is a husky whose parents have both pedigree certificates. There are now two internationally recognized certificates of descent, namely those issued by FCI and ACK.A two-blood husky is a husky whose parents have both pedigree certificates. The pedigree certificate is equivalent to the dog's household book, which can prove the dog's breed. There are now two internationally recognized pedigree certificates, those issued by FCI and ACK (which are the names of two canine associations).A two-blood husky is generally a purebred, two-blood husky, whose parents are all proven purebred huskies.

11 2023-09
How do you train a husky to pee and poop

How do you train a husky to pee and poop? First of all, it is necessary to determine a urination and defecation place for the husky, so that it can get used to it, and then it will urinate and defecate within 30 minutes after eating or waking up. If a husky defecates in a designated place, reward it with a snack, and if it doesn't do well, don't beat it at will.First, determine a place for the husky to relieve himself:Before bringing the husky puppies home, we need to find a place in advance, and the future training husky puppies will relieve themselves in this place you specify. Certainly at the beginning of the Husky puppy is not adapted to, perhaps also temper, but it doesn't matter, must adhere to this location, it is best to be far away from the dog to eat or nest, a long time, husky puppies will slowly get used to it.Second, induce the husky to learn to designate the point of urination.The general rule of Husky puppies is that they usually relieve themselves within 30 minutes after eating or waking up. Using this feature, we can observe the performance of the husky puppy and then lure the puppy.For example, we keep an eye on the dog after a meal or after waking up, and once we find that the dog wants to urinate, such as turning in circles or sniffing around. As soon as you observe this movement, guide the husky to the correct spot by pushing, pulling, or coaxing the puppy.At the same time, once the husky defecates in the designated place, be sure to remember to encourage the dog, such as a favorite snack or a beef grain, etc., to encourage. Slowly, the husky will know that the size is right here, and the good habit of defecating at a fixed point will be formed.Third, don't beat the husky dogDo not easily beat and scold the little husky because of urination and defecation, otherwise the dog will think that the size is a "wrong", and only dare to secretly urinate and defecate when the master does not pay attention, which will be troublesome to train in the future.So when little Hala is to the place, the master will give great encouragement! If you pull it in the wrong place, just tell the dog, "No!" in a slightly more serious (louder) tone. Then immediately carry the dog to the correct place to relieve himself. At the same time, the excrement in the wrong place should be cleaned immediately, and the spot should be thoroughly deodorized (bleach + deodorant spray). So that the next time the husky puppy smells the previous taste and pulls in the same place, it will not be easy to correct later.Generally speaking, after practicing with a Husky puppy for a few days, the husky puppy should be able to relieve himself on a regular basis.